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Our team understand businesses each have individual recruitment needs.  Whether your business requires a full recruitment process, some help shortlisting candidates, guidance on how best to interview your job applicants or even a specialist recruiter to be in attendance at your interviews – we can help.

By tailor making our offering to suit you – our unbundled recruitment service allow  you to choose which part of the recruitment process you require assistance with.

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At The Recruitment People, we empower you to take charge of your in-house recruitment with professional assistance at a fraction of the cost. Recognising that full recruitment services aren’t for everyone, we’ve unbundled the process, allowing you to create a custom package tailored to your specific needs. This way, you can decide what you need help with and what you want to learn to do on your own.

Stay tuned for our “Create Your Bundle” feature, coming soon. For now, click here if you need more information or want to submit a vacancy.

Frequently asked questions

A recruitment business plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers. By leveraging our services, whether you engage in a full recruitment package, our unbundled recruitment services or you want some coaching to learn how to recruit, we can point you in the right direction. 

We are the experts in hiring the right people.  More often that not businesses fail to take into consideration the cost of hiring the wrong person.  By not engaging with an expert, could leave you open to high turn over of staff and therefore the  associated time and effort invested on the wrong person / people.

A recruitment agency works on your behalf, sourcing the best talent for your business.  Some of the benefits include, representing your brand, discrete hiring, save you time and money, and recruiters have access to the hidden talent market.  Through paid AI tools, we are alerted to which candidates are passively looking for a job, so whilst they may not apply to your advert per say – when we reach out to them about a job role, they are likely to respond.  If you don’t know they are looking and they don’t apply to your advert, you are missing out om this hidden talent pool.

Employers engage with recruiters to find them the right employees, and pay a fee for service. The Recruitment People tailor makes packages to meet customer requirements. The fee for a full recruitment package is usually a % of the candidates salary, whilst our unbundled services are one off fee’s, the amount depending in which pat of the recruitment process you choose to outsource.