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Our team is attentive to your needs and will make sure that they understand your career objectives. We’ll look into whether a potential job has a suitable environment for you and has a culture and values that you can live up to because that’s what will also make you thrive there. Through a confidential consultation, we’ll assess your previous work experience, perform a thorough screening and do our best to help you figure out where your true strengths lie. If you are unsure about engaging with a recruitment business, see below for our frequently asked questions. If we do not have any vacancies that are suitable for you, register with us today to access the hidden job market. 

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At The Recruitment People, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to ethics and our proven track record of success. Our success stories speak for themselves. Register with us today to find your dream job. Register with us. "This team and their service is absolutely fantastic, I dealt almost exclusive with Kelly and she made sure that every step of the process was smooth and easy, and got me into my dream job. Couldn’t recommend enough !!!“ - Callum, Candidate "Absolutely thrilled with the service I received from The Recruitment People! Their dedication, kindness, and personal touch truly made all the difference in my job search journey. They not only matched my enthusiasm but exceeded my expectations in securing a perfect fit for me. The professionalism and genuine care shine through in every interaction. Highly recommend the agency to anyone seeking a seamless and rewarding job placement experience. 5 stars all the way!" - Andrew, Candidate - Cherie, Candidate "I have had the great privilege to meet Kelly through applying for a Job she was recruiting for. Kelly at all times was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and had the best interests of her client and also to me the candidate. At all times I was treated with respect and kindness. I am excited to have been placed with one of Kellys Clients and am extremely grateful to have meet such a lovely person in the process. I highly recommend Kelly and her team for any recruitment needs whether you are an employer or a candidate. Many thanks Kelly, you are the best. 5 Stars :)"


A recruitment business plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers.  By leveraging their expertise, resources and extensive networks, they facilitate the identification screening selection of qualified candidates, simplifying the recruitment process.

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A recruitment business is the conduit that will connect you, as a job seeker, to either temporary or permanent jobs on behalf of an employer.

There are several reasons you may choose to work with a recruiter.  Some jobs aren’t advertised, so if you aren’t known to the recruiter you could miss out. A recruiter can work on your behalf, better positioning you to get in front of a prospective employer. 

A recruitment agency works on behalf of an employer / business and is paid to source the right staff, whereas an employment agency provides a job seeker with temporary roles, meaning you will be paid by the employment agency. 

No. The Recruitment People uses the ‘employer pays’ model.  This applies for all types of job roles including contract roles, permanent placements and executive recruitment.  A recruitment business does not charge the jobseeker.  Be weary of any recruitment company charging money to find you a job.