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Rob Hakwes sales training boot camp

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international Women's Day Charity Lunch
International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day

The Recruitment People support Rob Hawkes Sales Training

The importance of sales training is key to any business.  A business cannot service without sales.  For more information click on the link to secure a seat for you and / or your team.

Rob Hawkes training is well recommended.


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International Women’s Day Fundraiser

The Recruitment People successfully raised $8000.00, alongside Co-Hosts, Mortgage Choice Robina, Gold Coast Property Styling, Fedorov Family Law & McGrath Real Estate, for “Enriching Lives Foundation” at our IWD Lunch 2023.

Thank you for joining us!


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May  23

The Recruitment People will be launching some new Recruitment Services Gold Coast and Nationally.  There has been an increased demand in diversifying our offerings, due to market needs.  Some company budgets dictate they cannot engage recruiters for a full recruitment package and therefore The Recruitment People will be implementing an Unbundled Recruitment Service Offering, for clients only wanting to engage certain elements of the recruitment process.  Watch out for our new offering coming soon- which will include individual tailored recruitment services, on demand, such as:

  • Shortlisting and screening your applicants
  • One on one interviewer training sessions
  • Conducting interviews alongside hiring managers for a second opinion
  • Reference Checking
  • And more!

March 23

Through March we saw another downward trend in Seek adverts across several sectors, indicating a possible decline in the number of companies hiring / advertising for new job roles.

February 23

As shown by the Seek Job Advert statistics, there is a definitive trend of the job market / hiring slowing down.   Across all job sectors, as show, the number of job adverts on Seek were less in  year on year comparison between 2022 vs 2023. See The Recruitment People’s socials for the comparison graph.

January 23  – Key Reasons for employers to use a recruiter:

Less risk – hiring the wrong person can be costly. Most good recruiters offer a replacement guarantee.

  • Access a broader talent pool – recruiters have access to a huge network of candidates & hidden talent.
  • Recruitment knowledge – We know what we are doing. Recruitment – its what we do best.
  • Market knowledge – We understand skills shortages and salary expectations & the likelihood of fulfilling your requirements.

January 23

Did you know that the many employers use an automated process to screen resumes in the initial stages. Many errors occur when using these systems, which could mean your chances of landing the job are dramatically reduced. To beat the applicant tracking system have a read of the article attached, it suggests font type, using keywords and the format of the document could influence the system.

January 23

Why would a company use a recruiter?

Good question. Let me tell you why…

Using a recruiter saves businesses both time & money. The cost of hiring & the turnover can be extremely high. Outsourcing your hiring gives you the opportunity to focus on what you do best, to make money for your business, whilst you leave the specialist to take care of your recruitment. Do what you do best and let us do what we do best. 


Recruitment is a tough industry and we always try our best to get it right, first time, every time. It was great to hear such positive feedback last week when one of our clients said, “I don’t usually use a recruiter for hiring new staff, however, I am so pleased with the outcome – Thank you!” Two candidate’s interviewed and one offered – a tough choice when you have two good people presented. and filled the role.

This is recruitment at its best!


Do you know the real reason you should utilise the service of a recruiter? To access the “hidden job market”. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Only 25% of all jobs are posted online!
  • 15% of all jobs are filled through head hunting – Hidden job market
  • 45% of all jobs are filled through networking – Hidden job market
  • 15% of all jobs are filled internally – Hidden job market

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