Unbundling Recruitment: Tailored Services for Cost-Effective Hiring

Unbundled recruitment

In the most recent episode of the Recruitment People podcast, Kelly discusses the concept of unbundling recruitment services. This run down shares how employers can save costs and time by opting for specific recruitment tasks instead of a full-service package. Let’s explore the benefits and practicalities of unbundled recruitment services.


Unbundled Recruitment Services

Unbundled recruitment services allow employers to pick and choose specific parts of the recruitment process they need help with, rather than paying for a full-service package. This approach is particularly useful for companies that don’t have the budget for a complete recruitment process but still need expert assistance in certain areas.


How Unbundled Services Work

We identified a market need for more flexible recruitment options. Here’s how it works:

  • Resume Shortlisting: If you’re overwhelmed by the response to your job advert, we can sift through the resumes and shortlist the candidates who meet your criteria.
  • Telephone Interviews: After shortlisting, we can conduct telephone interviews to further narrow down the pool of candidates.
  • Reference Checks: If you prefer to handle the initial stages yourself, we can step in to conduct thorough reference checks.
  • Interview Support: Need help with interviews? We can sit alongside you during the interviews, offering expertise to ensure you ask the right questions and make informed decisions.


Benefits of Unbundled Services

  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for the specific services you need.
  • Time-Saving: Outsource time-consuming tasks and focus on what you do best.
  • Expertise: Benefit from our recruitment expertise without committing to a full-service package.
  • Customised Solutions: Tailor the recruitment process to fit your unique needs and budget.


Real-Life Examples

We’ve helped various clients by providing tailored recruitment solutions. For instance, one client who was opening new business units needed us to sit alongside them in interviews to ensure they were asking the right questions and choosing the best candidates. Another client had already run an advert but didn’t have time to sift through the responses, so we shortlisted candidates and conducted telephone interviews for them.


Challenges and Considerations

While unbundled services offer flexibility, there are challenges. The success of the process heavily relies on the parts we don’t handle. For example, if the client isn’t strong at interviewing, the best candidates might not be selected, even after our initial screening. It’s crucial for clients to understand that while we can significantly improve parts of the process, the overall outcome still depends on their involvement and capabilities in the other stages.

Unbundled recruitment services offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for employers looking to enhance their hiring process without breaking the bank. By focusing on specific tasks, you can save time, money, and still benefit from professional recruitment expertise. Whether you need help with resume shortlisting, telephone interviews, reference checks, or interview support, we’re here to provide tailored solutions that meet your needs. Visit our unbundled services page here.